Kids Summer Camps

United BJJ camps are offered during March break and throughout the summer. United BJJ campers will go on two field trips a week, have active daily outings and will be taking part in a lot of team building group activities. The goal of our camp is to raise your child’s self confidence, self esteem and motivation. At United BJJ it is our goal to provide and host the best and most educational camps in Southern Ontario. Your child will learn about character development through fun and exciting activities make tons of new friends and learn Martial Arts in a fun and safe environment. Give your child the gift of confidence and memories that will last a lifetime and come check out one of our camps today!
Our World, Our Future

United BJJ & Muay Thai is not only the premier Martial art school offering fun and exciting summer camps, we are also developing the next generation of future leaders. We want to do our part in teaching children not only the best in martial arts but also to be aware of the choices they are making and the effects they can have on the environment. We want to encourage campers to make better choices to help create a better future.
Leadership Component

At United BJJ Kids Summer Camp we not only have 4 fun and action packed weeks of summer camp planned, we also incorporate a Leadership component for the campers who are 9 years and older. We take the time to work with the senior campers on the different skills and qualities that can help them become tomorrow’s leaders.

Early Bird Registration
Four Weeks available
Professional Instruction
Two Martial Art lessons a day
Two Field Trips per week
Guest Speakers
Different Theme each week
Active Daily Outings
Character Development

Gi (Uniform) Required for Kids Camp Attendence

Register directly at the academy, E-Mail or call 905-375-3113