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Get in shape, learn self-defence and experience the BJJ phenomenon
that has taken the martial arts world by storm!

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We can help you achieve your goals whether you're a beginner or experienced practitioner

The United Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Adult program offers a great option for people in Northumberland County to get in amazing shape, learn effective self defence and experience the amazing benefits Jiu Jitsu has to offer.

Whether you are a beginner trying out class for your very first time or a more experienced practitioner looking to compete locally or internationally, our team wants to help you meet and exceed your goals.

Since the early 1990’s when BJJ took the martial arts world by storm the art has become a worldwide phenomenon and has grown in a way most of us could never have imagined. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uses timing, technique and leverage which allows much smaller people to defeat larger and stronger opponents by using these principals.

While attending at United BJJ you will become more confident in your abilities quickly and will notice a number of benefits almost immediately. We strive to continuously improve our foundation, our team, our technique, unity and lifestyle.

Our adult classes are offered Monday through Saturday - see schedule.

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